Summer Only Lasts A Season

This column initially appeared in the October 2019 edition of Gaston Alive! Magazine.

It happened one day a few weeks ago. I woke up one Sunday morning to the news that my beloved Dairy Queen® (DQ®) in Dallas was closing. The iconic fast food chain that has been serving up soft serve ice cream and other tasty treats for almost 50 years was calling it quits.

Reading it was one thing. Seeing it was another. So I took a quick drive up the road to see it with my own two eyes. When I arrived, I couldn’t miss it. In a place that’s been frozen in time since it opened, this was brand new. Taped to the front window was a bright neon green poster board with the following words:

Hello Friends + Neighbors
We want to thank you for nearly 50 years for being dedicated customers. A big thanks to you for always supporting us. Unfortunately we will be closing September 29 due to landlords not renewing our lease. We will miss you all dearly! We love you all. –Dallas Dairy Queen