Baby Names and Punchlines

This column initially appeared in the April 2019 edition of Gaston Alive! Magazine.

My son, Evan, seems to know when one of my jokes are coming. He can sense the approach. He can spot the set-up a mile away. He knows the punchline isn’t far behind either. It never fails. He just knows.

And there’s no reason he shouldn’t know by now – he’s only known me and my sense of humor for the last 15 years. He oftentimes knows where my joke-minded brain is going to go even before I do.

Except for a few weeks ago. We were stopping just outside of Asheville where he lives to grab some lunch. I had decided this was going to be the day I told him my big news.

After we placed our lunch order, it was the time to share the news with him.

“So, there’s something I want to tell you”, I said. “It’s not bad, but it is something that will impact you and me and all of us.”

At this point, he sees the approach. Now he’s getting ready for the set-up.