The smell of summer

So my A/C went out in my car.  If that isn’t Murphy’s Law at its best – I don’t know what is.  Forecasts right now are calling for upper 80s and low-to-mid 90s by the start of the weekend.

Yet – while the thought of losing my A/C does frustrate me, it does take me back to a time when I didn’t have the luxury of owning an A/C unit in my 1986 Ford F-150 pickup. 

I drove that truck for eight years.  Endured the heat for eight summers.  And you know what – I survived. 

Someone once told me that the advent of the air conditioner unit killed off those Southern front porch gatherings.  TV probably had a hand in it too. 

But it was last night, While driving home with the windows all the way down, that I was able to smell the onset of summer.  Back when I was a kid, that smell was everywhere.  However, being closed up in an office or a truck makes it harder to stop and smell the seasons. 

It dawned on me last night that there is so much life outside all around us.  And part of our problem is we are stuck inside too much.  Stuck inside – in front of TVs, computers, and where ever it’s ‘comfortable’.

So while my A/C is broken, it will not break my spirit.  My spirit is to take in the smells of life being lived.

Roll down your window and see if you can catch it too…

Winter is here…

Today is brighter than it was yesterday.  That’s a good sign.  However, the fact remains I am still mad, confused, bitter, and everything else in between.  I don’t suspect this will go away for some time. 

What I do know is that I feel pain.  From all that I have read – I am supposed to feel it.  I am supposed to experience it.  As someone once said, the only way out of the pain is through it.  I just have to tuck my head down and keep marching.

I can do that.  I like to think I have a good perspective on life.  I don’t get stuck in many of life’s lows very long.  However, this one is not going to go away in a few days.  This pain has decided to set in like winter does with its first frost of the season.  Time to hunker down boys – gonna be a long one…