Random Weekend Thoughts: 1/18 – 1/21/08

A special three-day weekend in Dunganville.  This weekend saw the Pats and the Giants advance to the Super Bowl, McCain take South Carolina in the South Carolina Republican primary, and best of all – we got our second winter event of the season.  OK, it didn’t stick – but it sure was nice seeing those fluffy snowflakes on Saturday.

And now that the three-day MLK weekend is over, we now only have to work four days the rest of the week. 

And now, my random weekend thoughts:

  • Some days are harder than others.  And I think it’s safe to say
    non-family oriented holidays are some of the hardest.  I survived
    Thanksgiving.  I survived Christmas and New Years.  But MLK day?  Not
    so easy.
  • A day off from work is a beautiful thing.  I am a big fan of the
    three-day weekend.  However, a day off when your son is 100 miles away
    is not so easy.
  • I missed meeting Evan’s new goldfish.  They unfortunately died
    yesterday.  Rumor is he killed them with kindness.  He over-fed them.
    He turned his fish bowl into an all-you-can-eat buffet.  And they had a
    choice – they could eat it or swim in it.  Guess they made the wrong
  • We all go through bad times.  There’s no way to avoid these times.  We
    do choose how we react to them. In the January 2008 issue of The Sun,
    psychotherapist and author Miriam Greenspan has an interesting take on
    the tough times in our lives. She prefers to call these times "dark",
    because she "prefers the image of a rich, fertile, dark soil from which
    something unexpected can bloom".
  • We could all learn a lot from dogs.  They have an uncanny ability when
    it comes to living in the moment.  When it’s below freezing outside,
    all I can think about is getting my dog to use the bathroom so i can
    get back in my warm bed.  All she cares about is sniffing the ground
    and licking the air.